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Michael R. Scotch


Body of Work - Example:


"I had the pleasure of working with Ben for over a year. Ben is constantly giving his team great advice in regards to his innovative strategies. His experience in sales has earned trust from both his clients and business partners. He is professional, knowledgeable, and has the ability to motivate others. \He is also extremely well versed in all areas of Information Technology; specifically Business Intelligence and Enterprise Integration. I recommend Ben to any client, potential client, and/or business partner."


-Jim Harte, MBA

Enterprise Software Sales Account Executive, IBM

August 16, 2010, Jim worked directly with Ben


"I have had the opportunity to work with Ben since the beginning of 2012. Ben's knowledge of the sales and marketing process has helped Excalibur grow it's opportunity pipeline significantly. His creativity and attention to detail has allowed us to achieve and exceed our goals. I look forward to a long fruitful relationship with Ben."


-Michael Fuson

 VP/Owner, Excalibur Data Systems

  October 4, 2012, Michael was Ben's client






Below is a lead I created for an Enterprise Software Company while working as a Sales Development Rep for that company with the Operations Manager of a $3 Billion annual revenue company on a Tuesday from my initial cold call to the prospect where the Sales Rep had the initial sales call on that Thursday - his feedback to me that Thursday after the call:


"I just want to let you know this lead was right on target. We had a great call this morning with x. Looking to pursue a pilot within the next few weeks/month.


The keys to fit: Many call centers, legacy systems, lot of agents, not able to leverage data and technology effectively to drive better performance – I asked x to give us some feedback during the call as to how he felt our technology could help him, and he delivered our pitch back to us with passion. He got it! – We then moved to discussions around how we could help from a Pilot perspective, low impact entry point, leverage some key data that would prove the technology. Low resource commitment from his end, we do all the heavy lifting. We’ve done this before with our current customers which we can connect him with for future credibility."


My cold call sales lead notes:


"Spoke with x Operations Manager, Customer Contact Center at x. 1 (xxx) xxxxx. x just got back in to the office from getting over the flu. I told x that x has solutions forOffice Depot, Time Life, and Tivo where we’re able to deliver better visibility into their call centers than they currently had with their existing BI infrastructures and that I’d like to see what he has now and see if we might be a match and be able to enhance his current solution. x liked that and told me that they just switched to AVAYA systems last fall. For BI they built it out in house and use Avaya’s CMS and deliver BI through an online Portal. 4 call centers all internal and 1200 total agents. Call center 1 – 500 agents, call center 2 – 500 agents, call center 3 – 100 agents, call center 4 – 100 agents. ACD is Avaya. Mostly Home Built Databases/Datawarehouses. Home Built Mainframe legacy system CRM that agents enter information into.  x said it is a 3-5 year plan to redo their CRM where they want to be able to integrate their new Social Media applications they’ve put in with outside vendors (web chat, email response and respond to calls) so they can integrate all 3 and have 1 agent be able to handle web chat, email and handle calls.  I asked x what his main business drivers and wishes are with regards to reporting capabilities and x said that being able to integrate their CRM into their Dashboard reporting would top the list.  x said they custom built a dashboard that  refreshes every 3 seconds that reads their ACD and databases but it does not read their mainframe legacy CRM so x was excited about x’s ability to potentially add that on for them.  Right now their CRM does not integrate with their ACD and they had to build a work around.  I told x that I would have Steve put together an email and follow up with a call.  I asked x when would be the best time for a follow up call and x would like pertinent information sent to him via email and a follow up call on this Thursday at 11am CST (x is in Oklahoma City) and an Outlook Calendar invite emailed to him as a reminder. x@wsgc.com"


Ben Favier.



Ben provides business to business sales lead generation consulting, services, and training. He has advised many high-profile corporations as well as SMB organizations.  Ben has 10+ years   experience in the B2B sales development function with superior performance and accolades - 150%+ of quota attainment, started and closed deals with F500 companies - most recently for a new Tech Start Up, just to name a few.